Original works are generally aimed at a collectors' market, while reproductions are chosen for their decorative value or as original gifts on a budget.

Canvas printing enables Nando's works to be reproduced as faithfully as possible, so that the colours and texture of the canvas are as close as possible to the original.Canvas prints offer the possibility of making large format enlargements or even reductions of their original works of art, allowing us to meet all your expectations. However, not all formats are possible to print.

About the artist :


With rosaceous, oblique forms and pastel spheres, Nando sees the world in full colours and leaves his structuralist glance on the paper. His big size canvas and perfect geometric puzzles reveal at the mercy of the spirals,the illuminated curves of faces and enchanting scenery. Nando develops a unique style and transforms his vanishing lines into lines of life. Each one in front, is free to invent it’s own landscape.

Jean Luc Feixa – Elle Magazine France