Feel free to send an e-mail to nando@nando.es to request a quote for a different size of wooden frame.

this is possible for certain references. Here are some examples of possible formats:

20x20 cm

30x20 cm

40x20 cm

60x20 cm

40x30 cm

40x40 cm

60x30 cm

60x40 cm

80x40 cm

60x60 cm

75x50 cm

80x60 cm

100x50 cm

90x60 cm

160x40 cm

80x80 cm

120x60 cm

100x75 cm

120x80 cm

120x90 cm

180x60 cm

150x75 cm

160x90 cm

150x100 cm

180x90 cm

180x100 cm

160x120 cm